Started in 2002 by Marc Alfonso and based in Vancouver, Canada, PLC Electronic Solutions Ltd is an active leader in the international Motion Picture Industry, supplying Robotic Equipment and related support services to a large number of clients worldwide. We specialize in Robotic Camera Motion Systems, integration of specific Wireless Systems for Video and Control Data Transmission, and motion capture systems via laser triangulation and on board precision navigation equipment.  Through our various agents and distributors around the globe we have manufactured and supplied equipment and services to a number of feature films including:  Batman: The Dark Knight, Spiderman 3, X-Men 3, Night at the Museum, X - Files, James Bond, Harry Potter, Farewell, Atlantis: 2012

Additionally, we have worked in and around the international sporting scene supporting net cam systems for the NHL, Remote Cameras for Formula 1 racing, wireless camera tracking systems for the CFL, and a long range wireless solution for the two robotic camera platforms that were used on cable rigs for Olympic Games in Beijing, China.