Heden™ LM30 Digital Servo Motor

Heden™ LM30 Digital Servo Motor

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size: 3.00 W × 4.00 H × 2.00 L
product.weight: 0.50 LBS
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Use compatible cable PLC960-0063

The LM30 Motor uses a 7pin 0B Lemo connector which is smaller than the ones used on other Heden, Preston, or Scorpio Motors


  • New superlight powerful vertical motor – 95 grams/3.35 oz
  • Perfect for gimbals, Steadicams and drones
  • Compatible with Hedén YMER/CARAT, other FIZ systems and Freefly MoVi


The Hedén LM30 is the smallest and lightest motor for professional film and broadcasting cameras Hedén has ever produced. The weight and size make it a perfect choice for use on Steadicams, gimbals and drones.

The LM30 features increased encoder protection, more flexible mounting options and an improved snap-on gear solution.

The 7-pin 0B connector reduce weight further and allows smaller and lighter cables.
The motor mounts vertically on a 15mm rod with the supplied super light rod-mount and Hex-key. The unique interchangeable snap on gears that can be mounted on either side of the gear housing ads to the versatility of the Hedén motors. Supplied with a superlight 0.8 gear module and with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 modules available as extras.

LM30 is a perfect choice for light weight operations and as reliable as any Hedén motor

Height (body): 36mm/1.4” (Body with gear housing): 55mm/2.16”
Width: 21mm/0.83”
Length: 103mm/4”
Weight (with bracket and gear): 95grams/ 3.35oz
Torque: 0.6 Nm
Connector: LEMO 0B 7 pin connector

Hedén LM30 Motor
0.8 superlight gear module
Superlight bracket for 15mm rods
2.5mm Hex-key


The Heden YMER Product Overview on YouTube:

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