V2-2B Front V2-2B Angle V2-2B Motor bezel V2-2 Angle 2
V2-2B Front V2-2B Angle V2-2B Motor bezel V2-2 Angle 2

fSTOP V2-2B Digital 2-Channel Receiver

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size: 4.00 W × 2.00 H × 1.00 L
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Everything You Need in One Ultra-Small Digital Motor Receiver


Based on three years of "What if a digital receiver could also do this?"  

PLC Electronic Solutions made it possible. In conjunction with BarTech Engineering and customer feedback we have developed the most technologically advanced receiver ever for a camera remote follow focus applications. 


  • Super compact - same size as our 1-channel receiver
  • Always super-fast motor response!   No motor speed compromises at lower input voltages even down to 10 volts.
  • DSP Core for ultra-precision motor control
  • Wireless update rate of over 300 frames per second - fastest in the industry!
  • Full block auto polarity reverse technology - It does not matter what polarity cable you power the receiver with!
  • 16 bit High Resolution mode on par with industry standard systems that cost over CAD $30,000.00.
  • Focus and Iris / Zoom control. 
  • Works with most standard Digital Motors ( Heden, Preston, M-One, Scorpio, and more ) 
  • Automatic lens end stop calibration 
  • Manual calibration, DSLR lens compatibility for setting end stops on infinity rotating lenses
  • Can easily set focus limits at the push of a button.
  • Lens Calibration and current Position Memory up to 1 day after power down.
  • Digital channel readout with receive signal strength indicator
  • Integrated Camera Run/Stop outputs

Over the past two years we have been asking our customers of our V2-1 single channel BarTech Receiver what they would wish to have in a multi-channel system.

Resoundingly everyone was asking for a simple to use, lightweight, fast response digital receiver that they could use with industry standard motors to control Focus and Iris/Zoom.

We appreciate their feedback and incorporated all of the recommendations!

Making it possible.  How... start from the ground up. In the past we had followed the industry standard practice that most other remote follow focus companies do by using readily available parts and software routines from other manufacturers for motor control. This severely compromises the extra functionality required in a remote follow focus control system needed for all of the different types of lenses and cameras in use today. We do not believe in passing on these compromises to people that use our products, and have developed our own proprietary fast DSP (Digital Signal Processor) motor control algorithms and hardware that can be easily adapted for the evolving needs of today's cameras and lenses.  


All this and still the smallest / lightest full featured Focus + Iris/Zoom receiver on the market!

Download fSTOP V2-2B BarTech Receiver Manual

The fSTOP V2-2B Receiver on YouTube:



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