fSTOP RED EPIC™ On/Off Cable V2

fSTOP RED EPIC™ On/Off Cable V2

SKU: PLC955-0047
size: 4.00 W × 1.00 H × 4.00 L
product.weight: 0.20 LBS
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This new and improved version of our fSTOP RED EPIC™ On/Off Cable will provide the 3.3V run/stop signal required by Red Epic™ Cameras.

The design has been optimized with direct-to-device connections reducing the clutter of intermediate adapter cables.

Simply connect this cable box between your BarTech Digital BDR/V2-1/V2-2 Digital (or analog) Receiver, your RED EPIC camera and power source and you are ready to go.  

This cable is now fully compatible with all BarTech Analog Receivers!  


  • Power Connector Input: 2pin 0B Lemo (5VDC - 25VDC)
    ** Same Polarity as BarTech 2pin Lemo ** ( Works with all standard BarTech Cables )
    ** Reverse polarity protected **
  • On/Off IN: 4pin 0B Lemo Connector direct to BarTech Receiver (fSTOP Red One On/Off Cable no longer required)
  • On/Off OUT: 4-pin 00 Lemo which will connect directly to your Red Epic Camera


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