For our valued customers:
Order your new Cini Remote V2 Kit and get a CAD $300 trade-in credit in for your current Link1 Cini Remote Kit!

Simply purchase your new Cini Remote V2 Kit then send in your current current Cini Remote Kit for the trade in credit.  


Our NEW Cini Remote V2 wireless remote control and display is compatible with your Cinetape™ARRI™ UDM, or Ward Sniper MK-3.  The Cini Remote V2 provides Wireless Remote Control of Sensitivity and Film-Plane Offset for your Cinetape™ and ARRI™ UDM.

Since we designed the Link1 Cini Remote Wireless in 2005 many of our customers have acknowledged how much they rely on the long range, rock-solid wireless display when paired with their Cinetape™.  The Cini Remote V2 is the result of incorporating the feedback received from our users with special attention to intuitive operator interface and ease of use.

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