BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit
BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit

BarTech Digital 2-Channel Kit

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size: 14.00 W × 7.00 H × 12.00 L
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Everything you need in One Ultra Small Digital Motor Receiver....


  • Super compact, lightweight 2-channel receiver - same size as our 1-channel receiver!
  • DSP Core for ultra-precision motor control
  • Wireless update rate of over 300 frames per second - fastest in the industry!
  • 16 bit High Resolution mode on par with industry standard systems that cost over CAD $30,000.00.
  • Focus and Iris / Zoom control. 
  • Works with most standard Digital Motors ( Heden, Preston, M-One, Scorpio, and more ) 
  • Automatic lens end stop calibration 
  • Manual calibration, DSLR lens compatibility for setting end stops on infinity rotating lenses
  • Can easily set focus limits at the push of a button.
  • Always super-fast motor response!   No motor speed compromises at lower input voltages even down to 10 volts.
  • Lens Calibration and current Position Memory up to 1 day after power down.
  • Digital channel readout with receive signal strength indicator
  • Camera Run/Stop output
  • Full block auto polarity reverse technology - it does not matter what polarity you plug in. 


All this and still the smallest / lightest full featured Focus + Iris/Zoom receiver on the market!   

The BarTech Handset controls industry standard Digital Follow Focus Motors. The fSTOP V2-2B (BarTech) Digital Receiver is currently the smallest, lightest and fastest response receiver on the market.  

PLC Electronic Solutions in conjunction with BarTech Engineering have developed the solution to quickly and inexpensively upgrade the BarTech BFD Handset controller to a 2-channel Focus and Iris controller unit without having to buy a different handset!

NEW High Resolution 16bit Control for increased accuracy and smoother lens operation.  Our new high resolution control mode is on par with industry standard systems that cost over $30,000.00US.

Now you can also benefit from the increased resolution that is 16 times more accurate in positioning than existing 12 bit resolution systems. 12 bits = 4096 steps / 16 bits = 65535 steps


  • 16 bit High Resolution Control (65,535 positions) possible with Bartech Digital Receiver for Focus and Iris.
  • Quick 10-minute installation on existing BarTech BFD Handsets (s/n: T1.0450 and newer) with simple hand tools.
  • Radio Transmission protocol compatible with legacy BarTech Analog Focus Receivers.
  • 900MHz data Transmission, 8 selectable sub-channels.
  • Remote Camera Run (selectable Momentary or Continous).
  • Powered by 1x 9V Battery (up to 18 hours of operation).
  • Automatic standby battery saver mode & low battery indicator.


This Digital Follow Focus Kit has everything you should need to get started

The Kit includes:

  • 1 x BarTech BFD Handset with Iris Slider Upgrade
  • 1 x fSTOP Wireless V2-2B (BarTech) Receiver       
  • 2 x Digital Motor Cable                                     
  • 1 x fSTOP P-Tap Power Cable                          
  • 2 x 900MHz 1/4 Wave Antenna                         
  • 2 x 916MHz 1/4 Wave 3 1/8" long Antenna         
  • 3 x Plastic Focus Strip   

Options and Choices  (additional costs apply)                                 

  • 1 x Optional Pelican Storm Case w/ Foam Insert       
  • 2 x Digital Servo Motor Heden(tm) M26VE or Digital Servo Motor Heden(tm) M21VE-L 
  • 1 x Optional V2-2 1/4-20 Mounting Bracket
Download fSTOP V2-2B BarTech Receiver Manual
Download BarTech BFD Handset Manual

The fSTOP V2-2B Receiver on YouTube:

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